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Item 3648 – 36ct – Virginia Diner Peanuts Shipper
– Item 1111 – 12ct – Salted Peanuts – UPC 8558201111
> Curious why you can’t find peanuts like ours in stores? The super extra-large Virginia variety we source is rare, making up only 1-1.5% of the total peanut crop. As for our cooking process, we first soak the peanuts in water, then blister them in oil to produce their uniquely delightful crunch
– Item 4111 – 12ct – Butter Peanuts – UPC 8558204111
> Our Butter Toasted Peanuts begin with our Virginia peanuts cooked in butter, sugar and salt to form a crunchy candy coating for a taste-tempting treat.
– Item 1417 – 12ct – Salt & Pepper Peanuts – UPC 8558201417
> Our Super Extra Large Virginia Peanuts “blistered” and seasoned with fine sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper.


We start with the top of the crop – Super Extra Large Virginia peanuts, the largest variety of peanuts grown in the USA. We soak the peanuts and then cook them at carefully controlled temperatures to bring them to the perfect “blister” point to create the unique Virginia Diner crunch. What can be better than a crunchy, tasty snack that also provides a great source of cholesterol-free protein, vitamins, minerals and heart healthy resveratrol and mono-unsaturates