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12ct – Item 6693 – Fiery Hot Three Pepper Sucker Punch Pickle Chips – UPC 8-59994-0069-3
24ct – Item 6686 – Snappy Classic Dill Sucker Punch Pickle Chips – UPC 8-59994-00668-6
24ct – Item 6709 – Snappy Sweet Bread And Butter Sucker Punch Pickle Chips – UPC 8-59994-00670-9

Fiery Hot Three Pepper Pickle Chips– Chip cut, fresh-packed, and ready to grab and go, introducing your favorite SuckerPunch pickle in an easy to handle snack pack! Roust your tastebuds and ring the alarms, these spicy pickles pack a punch! With the flavor of in arbol, jalapeño, and habanero chiles, these pickle chips finish with a strong snap and an even stronger kick! Whether you throw them on a sandwich, serve them on a cheese board, or eat them right out of the bag, this pack was made for snackin’!

Snappy Classic Dill Pickle Chips – Every pickle lover understands that Dill pickles are the benchmark for a pickle brand. That is exactly why SuckerPunch did not pull any punches when developing our Classic Dill Pickle Snack Pack. Delivering big dill flavor with a fresh and crisp crunch, our Classic Dill chip-cut pickles are an ideal snack or the perfect addition to any sandwich, sub, or burger. If it was not already obvious, we think it is fair to say that in the arena of pickles, SuckerPunch is kind of a big Dill.

Snappy Sweet Bread And Butter Pickle Chips – There is nothing basic about a SuckerPunch Bread And Butter Pickle, especially when it comes chip cut and fresh-packed in an easy grab-and-go package! We are confident that our sandwich friendly chip-cut Bread ‘N Butter Pickles are better than any other version of this pickle you have ever tasted. A little sweet, and a little savory, this pickle features bold flavors, snappy texture, and an overall taste that will knock you out!