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Contains 3x more electrolytes than the leading sports beverage. Magnesium relieves sore muscles. ZERO sugar and is sweetened with Splenda for a delicious, refreshing beverage to keep you hydrated.

  • When you wake:  To avoid effects of dehydration.
  • When you sweat:  To restore electrolytes and energy.
  • When you work:  To prevent mental and physical fatigue.
  • When you sleep:  To help avoid cramping during the night.
  • Delivery System: Uses L-glutamine, an amino acid in your intestine, instead of sugar, to transport electrolytes across the intestinal wall.
  • More electrolytes, less carbs: Delivers more electrolytes to your body than any other product on the market without the use of sugar.
  • Works faster: The formula uses a non-glucose cotransporter to deliver electrolytes to your body more efficiently.
  • Sugar free: No bloating, extra calories, or sugar crash. Give your body only what it needs.
  • Think clearly: Cognitive performance increases when your brain is hydrated. Assists with maximum water delivery to all areas of your body so you can perform at peak for longer.