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Clove Gum is an American classic created in 1914.
For many years it was one of the most popular gums on the market and then it disappeared.
Thankfully, an enterprising entrepreneur decided to bring this wonderful chewing gum to a new generation of clove lovers.
Each pack has 5 sticks. If you like the flavor of cloves you’ll definitely like this treat.

This vintage gum has a subtle spiciness that is not as strong as cinnamon, it is a perfect alternative for those who are tired of the same minty taste that is typical in your everyday chewing gum.

Clove gum was first manufactured by the Thomas Adams Company in 1914.
These unique flavored sticks are the longest-running brand on the market and are currently made by Gerrit J Verburg, who also produces two other nostalgic products known as Beemans and Blackjack gum.