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What’s the fastest way to feed your jerky craving?
Answer: Original Beef Jerky Chew.
We love our other more traditional jerky’s (seriously, they’re delicious), but they require upwards of 30 chews per bite.
Great when you want to savor it, but not so great when you need jerky now!
So, we dreamed up a 100% shredded-beef shortcut into snacking heaven: jerky chew. We start with our signature Original jerky and shred it. Eat away.

MADE WITH 100% BEEF: Just like our jerky, we start with 100% premium beef, season and smoke it. Then, we shred it to a light airy texture.
READY-TO-EAT: Ready when you are. Goes where you go. Just open, grab a pinch of jerky chew and enjoy jerky heaven.